Unsatisfied in Every Way

Date: 2/3/2017

By Fitful

I was living in a warehouse with family. We had a section of the place just beneath the floor of one of the rooms. The family might have been unrelated to me. The first thing which happens is I am eating a feast with a friend of mine. She went supposedly out of her way to go get treats mostly things like candy, from outside. I thought she went out just for me, but I realized she put aside a thing for each other person in the household, telling each person it was just for them. I'm not sure how but she managed to lie and scam each person in the entire house. When I went to eat mine, she got caramels for me, there were only three caramels in the box. They were in plastic so you know they sold the box that way and came small, larger, and slightly larger. The largest one was an inch tall. The box was one of those long white chocolate boxes and there were two boxes. Immediately she begins eating my caramels. I barely got one. It's clear this is how she does with everyone. The second thing is I am with other friends, two women. One has very short hair, blond, a thin pointy face which is kinda ugly. The other is a brunette, prettier I guess. Anyway my blonde friend is in love with the brunette. The brunette is straight. I find the whole thing rather insulting, the blonde whines to me all the time about how she wants the brunette girl, and here in the dream I am available. I don't think I like her, I just think I feel desperate enough to feel slighted she doesn't even look at me. I get the feeling there aren't many lesbian on the warehouse. Later I am trying to heat soup. I have a soup I saved and I'm about to eat it but a friend of mine says she will give me fresh soup. She takes the soup bowl home, cleans it, fills it and heats the soup. She doesn't live at the warehouse, just a few feet away. I wait for the soup, and my family decides we are all going on a car trip. I am irritated and here I feel like a teenager. Now the dream makes sense. I am a teenager the whole time, and I'm now forced to go on a car trip. We all pile in and we go a few feet before they decide they don't want me. They let me out at the door to the warehouse. I'm offended but eager to eat my soup, I find my friend came back to tell me my soup is almost hot, but not done yet. Later still I am in a dark bedroom, somewhere in this warehouse attempting to have lesbian sex. I'm not sure who I am, the girl on top or bottom, but the girl on top is an idiot. She doesn't know anything. Apparently only certain lesbian have sex certain ways, or some such nonsense. She filters through different stereotypes, trying to figure out how to do it, and still never fucks me. I guess I was the lesbian on the bottom waiting. The whole time I was in this scene Cher was singing that Burlesque song.