show/flood/moms death

Date: 3/28/2017

By Kesscapade

this series of dreams is all over the place but im going to try and remember them the best i can We started off at some sort of show in a theater that was probably 3/4 of a circle around the stage. I was with a bunch of girls that I didn't know but olivia might have been there. We kept having to get back up from our seats to go somewhere between the scenes of the show and at one point our seats had been taken and we had to find different seat separate from eachother. I remember feeling very stressed Next we were at school maybe, or this could have been outside of the theater but now I remember a lot of my current and old classmates being there along with my friends and family, we were looking into a tiered, deep court yard that was completely circular. There were three tiers of depth where the middle circle was the deepest into the ground. everyone kinda froze and silently paniced as the yard began to fill with water. The court yard was exposed to the sky but around the yard there was a roof and thats where we were standing. I dont remember if it was filling because of the rain but it was filling fast. people were trying to get to the center of it as if nothing was wrong and they would be swallowed up by water as we were yelling, telling them not too. Soon the water was filled up to the top line of the court yard and we all shrugged it off land left. It was mothers day and for some reason in this universe its like a judgement day of some kind. I don't remember the details but I do remember that my mom brother and I were in my apartment and we new that a bomb was coming for my mother. She was the only one that seemed scared or upset. The bomb blew through my wall and didn't kill my mom, she was totally fine aside for a few cuts and scrape. It felt like she died though, like the second she left the room I forgot that she was fine, and I was scared because I wasn't upset. My weird relationship with death made it so I didn't cry about my mother and that upset me. Suddenly we all went outside because we knew we were supposed to, this is when I remembered that my mom sad fne because she was outside with us. My building was in the middle of a field next to a smaller square building that had like six rooms in it, I remember one of these rooms is were Nicole lived (I think this setting us from another dream I had which is why I remembered that). I can't remember what we were watching but we were sitting on bleachers across the street as if it was a game but I think it was more morbid than that because no one was happy. I remember a family fighting across the street. This is were I woke up...