Racing in a horse racing track, as humans, no horses

Date: 6/2/2017

By TwentieToo

This dream is a bit out of order but there was one part where i was shopping for purses with my grandmother. We were in a store I've dreamt about before, and i have also dreamt about shopping with my grandmother for purses as well. Then there was a part where i was at this place. There were a lot of boys and girls there. It reminded me of a racing track for horses. Apparently we lived there. And raced around the track, no horses, just humans. And i guess one of the girls died while racing. She decomposed really fast and her skeleton was buried in the dirt, looked kinda like a fossil. And we had to unbury her but there were some problems and i had to keep going into this strange building at the back of the race track. It had all these shapes, like big three foot metal shapes, all different colors. The shapes were color coded from how i thought the colors of the shapes would be. Like how i think numbers or letters, what their colors would be if they had colors. Like the square was red and triangles were green and circles were yellow and rectangles were blue, etc. I kept throwing the strange looking ones, like a triangle with a square on top, at a guy. Don't know why. Then there was another part where, and I've dreamt about this before as well, i needed clothes. And my dad was willing to give me some, he had some pants from when he was younger and smaller. But then him and a friend started talking about weight. Like for girls, there was this circle, and if our weight got out of the circle fat would pop up in strange place, but for guys if their weight got out of the circle nothing would happen to them. And there was this other part where i was living with a couple and the guy was rich and had this fancy ass apartment. And we talked and talked and talked about the furniture he had, and the color theme was black and purple, while him and his girlfriend were displaying some serious pda.