Albino Squirrel, Victorian Drag

Date: 8/19/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was at my childhood home with Jeff, listening to music on the couch. There was a cat house or dog bed or something in the floor in front of the couch that was tangled up with a blanket. Now and then, an albino squirrel would disappear into it, but then come out and run away when she saw us. I suggested we should move the stuff further away from us so we could observe without scaring her away. Then I dug into it and found several baby squirrels. They were a normal gray color. When I picked them up they cried and the albino mother squirrel came running. I was able to grab her then and hold her for a minute, but then I let her go. I kept wanting a picture of her and the babies, but it had been so long since I'd used my good camera that I couldn't get it to work, and it was all I had. In the dream I had to hook it up to the TV to figure out the various buttons and switches on it. I did this for 3 hours in the dream, until my dad made me leave and go upstairs where I continued to mess with it in my sister's room. Then the scene where the squirrels were kept changing. A different place in the living room, then outside somewhere, then at my grandparents' house on mom's side. 2: I was at my grandparents' house on my mom's side. I was still messing with the camera. It was the day before Halloween and I'd put together a neat costume for myself in which I was a Victorian gentleman, complete with a top hat. I'm petite and very female looking in real life, but in the dream I pulled it off nicely, and was really excited to make such a handsome man. I was able to wrap my hair around itself and tuck it partially under the top hat in just the right way to look like a young dapper man, just with no facial hair. I wanted a picture so I tried to get my sister to take one, but she wouldn't. She didn't like me dressed up like that. As I was arguing with her the doorbell rang, and I got really scared because it couldn't be trick or treaters yet. I guess I thought if it wasn't that it must be bad scary people? Then the doorbell rang again and there was banging. I went and hid off to the side, more afraid. Someone opened the door and it turned out it was just my dad and some more relatives, and they were banging because they had arms full of groceries and needed in. They liked my costume. I went back to harassing my sister for a picture. She kept acting like she would but then messing up my hair and the camera. I got so mad I threw something at her and hit her in the stomach, but she still wouldn't give in.