Dragon Love.

Date: 8/3/2019

By Fitful

Okay. I moved into a new apartment but this one is a bit odd. You have to be home by ten. And they watch you a lot. I made a beautiful sculpture for a woman, maybe a roommate, meant to appease however but when it falls apart she blames me. I decide to go to the store just to get some craft glue. I did all that work and I just didn't glue it enough. It's not like it's destroyed. Her reaction is over the top and cruel. So I take a friend and go to this story like a Macy's/Target if it were in a mall size warehouse. (see author's note below) We tool around the store looking everywhere for the craft glue but it's nowhere to be found. We might not even be able to find it in a store like this. It's a very ritzy store. Might not have glue. But we keep searching this huge store. It's fun, we're basically hanging out. A woman meets us, a friend of my friend or rather an acquaintance which she calls friend, and insists on taking over our outing for the duration of her presence. She is bossy and hands my friend a huge black velvet bag/purse, expense and couture, and wants to give it to her. My friend refuses, it's not her type of accessory(she's very much a tomboy, I doubt she's ever owned a purse), and I tell her it's fine, the woman is just using her as her pack mule. But the woman takes off, leaving my friend with the bag, and we suddenly find things missing. I'm missing two phones I had in my right pocket, a watch, and a few other jewelry things. All I find is toy keychain in my left pocket, cheap nonsense you'd get out a gumball machine. The loss hits me hard. I didn't use the silver razor flipphone but it held all my family's contacts in it. It was irreplaceable as I no longer had any contact with my family, by choice. I still wanted the option to contact. Now, without that phone, they were gone. And photos of them. I was devestated. Even the other phone, which I used as phone, was a loss. My friend was mad. We went to the counter and I was crying, I asked someone to help us. Do I call the police? Is there a policy for stuff being stolen on their property? Somehow this complaint translated to us being persons of suspicion, like we were running a scam trying to rob the place or something. They held us there and questioned us and didn't help us. It went over our curfew and I was very upset but resigned. I just wanted my stuff back. ~ So Macy's wannabe target warehouse holds me overnight. They let my friend go but keep me in a small room in the back warehouse. Or a small section of the large warehouse room spanning miles. I'm sad and feeling alone. An employee is very nice to me, she reassures me it's all okay and she tries to cheer me up. I spy a 'how to draw monsters, comic book how to,' book in a pile of things spilling out a crate. I ask if I can look at it it's odd cause it pertains to the conversation we were just having. She smiles, looks unsure and critical, but then let's me. She's aware I'm having a bad night. She's very kind. Finally finally Macy's let's me go, telling me I have to leave the building and not come back. The girl I just met, the employee, is actually really nice and I'm excited to make a new friend. She gets off work just as they let me go so I plan to go and hang out with her. She is kinda awesome. We leave together and set out to the parking lot but she has the idea maybe my stuff is in the lost and found. I really want my flip phone so she goes back in to see if it's there and grab it for me. I follow her in the front entrance but don't go passed the stand in line ropes. She's not dressed for work anymore so she bothers a few friends for a uniform and uses a towel as a Muslim head garb thing. I'm a little confused but I think maybe it's a disguise. She goes out of sight and I sigh but feel it'll be quite a wait. I grab a Halloween bucket, it's the day before All Hallows Eve, and it not the pumpkin one it's the candy one. It's a special holiday basket for asking for candy while shopping tomorrow. I leave the store with it and someone, a fat kid grown into a teen, comments it's not for today but tomorrow and I'm stealing. I ignore him. My friends are chilling on comfortable seats under a sun awning right outside the warehouse. I go and plop down with them and tell them very very excitedly that officially I made a new friend. I don't call her more because it's too soon to tell yet. But I do announce they are all going to meet her. She's coming out soon. I'm met with lackluster enthusiasm. They don't even say anything. They've heard about her. She's been on the news. She's been causing trouble, political or for someone who's high up in the government, and she's got a bad reputation. I actually know the story, and it's been blown out of proportion, so I dismiss it and their concerns. I'm too happy to care anyway. From a nearby bench filled with jocks, a jock speaks up and complains he's going to have to leave when she comes. She has a restraining order or some equivalent against him. I don't really care, he's a jock and not one of my friends, kinda the school jerk. After school ended I just forgot about him. I lay down my head in my friends lap and I'm uber happy. I stare at the sky through the awning and drift off to sleep. ~ When I wake up I'm on a gurney being wheeled into surgery in what's obviously a hospital. I immediately ask where's Jess and the doctor leans over after preping a needle and says I will never hear or see her ever again. She's being detained and now they are going to remove something from me, with the surgery, that will prevent her having influence over me ever again. They clearly think she is evil and they are going to hurt her maybe kill her. I get up and break free immediately. It might be worth noting the entire dream I was female, I was myself, but now I'm a male, muscular and tall, very red skin. I get up and run down the pretty white and glass corridor, calling for Jess. Where's Jess I keep asking. I ask everyone, quite aggressively. I'm so angry I want to destroy the world to get to her. They are keeping her from me. I am so angry Cthulhu rises from the depths of the ocean and I'm overwhelmed by a vision of him tearing apart the world. But I break free of the vision by saying I just want to find Jess. I don't care about destroying the world as long as I find her. I storm to the opposite end of the corridor, looking for a way out, and finally fed up I break off a black microphone there and try and break the large glass window. A man trying to stop me says the window is unbreakable. But I see a crack and I keep smashing. Finally the window breaks. It doesn't shatter but kinda rolls out the window and I dive out if it, down and down and down several stories. I have to get to where they are holding her stat. ~ Cut to a peaceful scene where two dragons are flying happily in a heart in the sky, a dark red dragon like my new man skin and a white one like her hair, apparently much moillified, and I'm laying on the ground with two chucks ripped out of my chest with a tiny white blonde female, Jess apparently. I remark that my dragon was ready to destroy me to get to her. I had used the chucks of flesh to bring our dragons back. We were together and both happy and in love. We talk about marriage. A white baby carriage is beside us and slips out of my hand as we kiss. It rolls gently a few inches but a woman storms up to us threatening death and raging about how evil we are and then see the tiny baby inside the carriage. She grows more outraged, like it's an abomination, and threatens to kill the baby before her 21first birthday. I rise up, all tall masculine intimidation and loom over the tiny angry woman. I threanten to kill every person who even breathes near her for the rest of her life for that threat. I am not kidding. I imagine killing every person who literally breathes near the angry woman and the vindictive bloodbath that will be. I am much amused by the thought. I will protect my daughters. ~ We end up having three daughters. We keep them in a castle very overprotected and they complain a lot about being too caged.