commitment symbol and devil town with sis

Date: 5/7/2017

By LazyDreamer

i got a tattoo on my forearm. it had cool light turquoise and it was decent sized. I liked it and it was hot. I remember looking into a mirror and seeing it. ____ There was a town with christmas lights and these homeless men sleeping in coolers and regriferators. one kept saying he was homeless and every other dude would just kind of ignore him. later in that same dream I was under this roofed temple-looking thing. Before we stood beneath it we approached it and it kind of looked suspicious and red (it was night time too), but didn't bother me so much. I was with a big group of people I knew. Later, I was ome of the last ones to go underneath (bc i had a bad feeling) and as I got closer i saw cute light decor hanging under the scaley roof, but before that there were tree bramches and leaves that clouded over and hid these red poles that curled in toward the temple. i looked at them from the insidw looking out and they started having sculpted faces- like those weird asian masks. everyone else looked once i pointed it out and gasped and were creeped out. A devil was there and everyone was worried abku being cursed for going under neath to check it out. like, passing noundariws of cursed grounds. I had my sibling represented as a thin, white girl in the dream. I woke up as my fingers were tiring and slipping from holding down her forearm with my left hand and her fingers tight with my right hand. i was telling her "it's only awkward if you make it awkward" and was gonna segway into saying something similar about God, but she started becoming cursed and i had to start holding her down as I was trying to reassure her that God is stronger if you let him protect you.