Date: 4/21/2019

By belle3454

I wanted to buy a film called 8 mile so I went to a shop but I had already ordered it so it was in my bad so I went to buy it but she wouldn’t accept it so I had to leave it then at one pointe there was a fight with big baddies as if in a game and I went to help a boy who was on his own then there was a chest he said ‘I’ll hold off the baddies while you open it’ so I did and I got some good loot then all of a sudden I went with my friends to get a sonogram so she went in and the person my other friend normally has was busy so she had a new nurse and she wasn’t good with the sonogram because the baby was out and suddenly on my friends lap and started poking the babies head and dented it. Side note: (I woke u to me opening my bedside drawer ( to see if 8-mile was in it ) so I looked at my sister who was confused and we where like uh wth and what’s weird is she wakes up at 6 and I wake up at 9 but we both woke up at the EXACT same time and sat up in sync)