Giant Babies in Space

Date: 4/24/2017

By TwentieToo

First dream I had was of me and my friend Julz. It was a sleep over. She lived in a SUPER nice house. It was a bit messy, there were a lot of people there for some reason. Anyways, Imma skip the first part, but there was one point where I summoned a fat girl to appear. Moving on, in the morning we both became super cautious. We had stayed up all night and hadn't gotten any sleep. But we started getting ready. She went into the bathroom, and I went to this large counter with multiple sinks that was in the hallway. Her dad had passed by me super pissed and told me, "Your getting the counter dirty!!" After we finished getting ready we went to the store and she asked me if I had ever gotten on top of the aisle shelves as a kid and walked through the giant stuffed animals. I had a flashback of me doing that and told her yes. The dream kinda transitioned into another dream. We were in the same store, and I became a guy in a tight, electric green superhero suit. Julz became a guy in a bright red suit. We chased each other through the store and shit and then in the back of the store it was all dark and big with wires everywhere. I was sitting in a weird throne type chair and my friend, lets call him, Justin. Justin and I had become enemies for some reason. He came flying into the weird dark place. There was this other guy. He was buff and seemed kinda stupid and wore regular clothes. I guess he was both me and Justin's enemy. He was talking and stuff. And then I guess me and Justin decided to stop being mad at each other. We then were magically in space. There was a city floating in front of us. It seemed abandoned and falling to pieces. There was giant dude who peeked out from behind a building. He had an ugly ass face but seemed harmless. We continued on. We were trying to find something, I don't remember what. With me and Justin were a couple other people, I don't know who they were. We walked to the very end of this floating city and there were these doors underneath the buildings. We went into one and I guess a clue we had to find whatever we needed to find was, to get on a train or something. We went down these stairs and they rounded a corner into this small room where two entrance type things were. One was for a train. One was for a really fast car. The clue said to get on the train so some people went on there. But this one girl got a feeling and said, no that's wrong, I think we need to on the car. So some people got into the car. It was red and looked like a normal car that you see everyday. The people on the train realized that the train was the wrong decision. The guy driving the car was this guy I've seen a couple times in my dreams before. He always seems pissed. He had this ring and he twisted it and both the car and the train rewinded back to the room. Everybody got their own car and we raced through a weird tunnel until we ended up back to the door that led to the room. We gave up and went home. But then "my camera" zoomed out to reveal giant babies just laying on top of the rooftops. One suddenly appeared on a rooftop and looked like a newborn. And that was the end. Third dream was this place with lots of doors. Inside the doors were all these tiny people with their own world. I was a tiny dude and had another tiny dude as my friend. We went through these doors and tricked tiny people and caused trouble and then left. We seemed finding something, of course. One door that I remember was at the end of this place and it was a stadium, except like a gladiator stadium from hundreds of years ago. The tiny people were in cars and chariots and other types of transportation and were just endlessly going in circles.