Disaster rewind and retry

Date: 4/4/2019

By kclockwood

I lived in a small community- something akin to a trailer park, but with more of a tribe vibe. I was taken aside by a woman that I could only describe as my new mentor. I just knew that I needed to listen and learn from her. She explained that as I started my new job, I needed to stay close to her. Fast forward, and I’m walking closely and quickly behind her through a much more sterile office setting on an upper floor, myself smiling and pretending that I’d been working there and belonged there. I gave my name as Calah (similar but pronounced differently to my real name, Kayla). Before anything real could happen, the floor shook and we all dropped to the floor. Flames engulfed everything, but my mentor pushed what appeared to be a micro sd memory card into a white stick and closed her eyes. I blacked out. When I awoke, I was home again. The day had restarted. I remembered everything that had happened, and knew that we had to stop what was going to happen. My mentor met up with me, and we averted the same fate initially by splitting up. I was given my own sd memory card with my personal info encrypted into it. I met with two men in another building, trusting that with my personal info uploaded to the cloud, my mentor could connect with me to restart time again if necessary. I’d almost forgotten to upload the info, but found a small white stick in the corner of the guys small office. Too much time was passing, and nothing was happening. I was afraid that I was forgotten or missed, so I left and ran toward the office. I got upstairs and was met by an obvious villain, the office boss. He was standing on a sterile white office precipice that was adjacent to empty space. Floating next to him, was something similar to a tv screen. Shooting this is what causes the office to explode. He tells me that either he shoots me or shoots the screen. He gives the usual alternatives, joining him, etc. I look over the edge and try to understand how the rewind chip works. I take a leap of faith, flipping off of the edge and closing my eyes right, envisioning my living room floor. It’s difficult with how scared I am, but eventually I gasp as I feel the soft carpet beneath me and open my eyes to see my living room ceiling. By now, the whole office knows the truth of what’s happening, and I’ve turned back time just enough that I can run back to the office on foot and join my allies to blast him into space one final time. We celebrate with junk food and sleep.