Pills in the Grass, Whirlwind Ghosts

Date: 3/21/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was at my childhood home in the back yard, but the age I am now. My family was in the house. There were flat patches of dead grass all over the yard, mixed in with living grass. Some parts were all dirt. Every time I pulled aside a little bit of the dead grass, I uncovered several pills. They were intact capsules, the big kind that are about an inch long. Most of them were half red and half yellow, some were one of those colors with blue or white. I didn't open or inspect them, just sat them aside as I uncovered them, about five at a time. I called my dad outside and my sister came out too. I told them to point out a spot in the yard to uncover, and guaranteed there would be pills. Dad picked a dirt spot and there was nothing underneath. I was disappointed. Jenna picked a living grass spot. Sure enough, pills. They were fewer though. I went to a dead grass spot and uncovered a handful of the pills, which I laid down on the concrete porch. None of us inspected them, just tried to figure out where they came from. Jenna said she threw a pill she didn't want to take out in the yard once, but only once. They remained a mystery. 2: I was in a house with my family that I've never seen, in some faraway town. The house was haunted, inside and out, by angry spirits that I didn't want to provoke. I spent a lot of time closing, locking and securing windows, and making sure the curtains and blinds were shut. I hated being near the windows to do it, it freaked me out. I also didn't like being alone, especially in the main room which Jenna and I shared as our bedroom. It had the front door and the most windows. The spirits were more likely to appear there, and even try to possess me when I was alone. They took different forms, always dark and mostly invisible. There was something happening outside. A storm was coming and people were yelling out there. I went outside, and despite all my time securing the house, I felt no fear once I was out in the open. There were a few people here and there, walking along the multiple sidewalks. The sky was black and gray with thick clouds and the air only a little windy. Wirlwinds that looked like black and gray smoke traveled up and down the sidewalks. I knew they were ghosts. I stood in the path of one and felt it rush through me. It was thrilling.