Coercion via flowers

Date: 5/25/2017

By 1312vinnie

I was sitting around a table with classmates. One guy was relentlessly harassing me and the teacher saw nothing wrong. And when I would get so frustrated I'd swear, or be unladylike in any way, this other dude was trying to appease me paternalistically. Like "why don't you have a drink of water sweetie it'll cool you off" or like "hey man quit bugging this girl" but in a way that was also hitting on me, so I told him "look motherfucker, I don't need your protection, I don't need or like you" to which both men laughed in my face. then the original harasser offered me my choice of flowers, and I was like "flowers don't mean shit to me" but I walked over to the flowers anyway, and one caught my eye. they were snapdragons, incomprehensibly brilliant, and I stood there, knowing I was letting myself be coerced into some contract, because I couldn't live without those flowers, and I knew he was going to do horrible things to me but it was my fault because I chose the flowers