Haunted building

Date: 2/23/2019

By Hikertrash48

I was in a church with an old classmate of mine. The church wasn’t very old, but it wasn’t like it was built recently either. It was probably built maybe twenty five to thirty years ago. So I knew the layout of the church but my friend didn’t. He was following me around so he didn’t get lost. The church had a hallway and to the left there’s two ramps, one goes to the sanctuary and the other goes to the basement which houses the library, pantry, janitor closet, old bathrooms, furnace room, and three classrooms. There was also a building that was added on about five years ago that has a gym, two bathrooms, meeting room, kitchen, and three more classrooms. We were checking the place out just wondering around. There was an ominous aura to everything. My friend kept telling me that the place was haunted and that we should just grab our stuff and get out. I told him we’ll be fine. A few seconds later we had gotten to the basement and he’s still urging me to leave. Suddenly he’s not with me anymore so I run up the ramp. When I get to the top he comes running from the newer part laughing loudly. The laughing was a mixture of nerves laughing and manically laughing.