a magical forrest trip

Date: 3/22/2019

By jessihumphreys

i’m in religions class and in the dream we went to like new zealand or something to visit a hindu temple? no idea what either of those have to do with each other but that was the idea i guess. i was with my class but i only recognized only one girl who was standing in front of me with bright blond hair, she was either danica or jen. the path was beautiful and we hiked up it calmly, i kept looking down and noticing coins in the path. i kept picking up the coins as i went, i was at the end of the class so no one noticed. other classes and schools who were leaving the site began coming down the path making it super crowded. i continued to pick up the coins anyway getting very excited by ones of slightly more value. they were so shiny and silver. the blond girl in front of me turned and asked what i was doing. as we squished between people i explained. as i was telling her about the coins i noticed more things in the moss. things i can’t even mostly recall now jsut little tiny figures or objects. such as a tiny cross or a little bell etc. i noticed white crystals in the moss and picked it up. i noticed various crosses in teal colors all different types. angel wings and etc etc. just the most interesting little trinkets. the blond girl got excited for my finds. i thought it was so odd how only i could find them, why was no one else excited? the sun was shining thru the trees in the most beautiful way, various light colors kept shining thru and it began making me think of colour and light in general. i kept collecting my figures. until making it to a cliff. the cliff was more of a whole i guess cuz people were walking on the other side, sightseeing and such. there were tons of people. in the moss at the edge of the cliff there was a small clear box with lights shining in it. i couldn’t even explain the box and i wasn’t interested in the puzzle of it so i set it down. my religions teacher came up and asked me of it. the blond friend told her i was going to solve it. i looked closer at the box i was curious. but i got a phone call before finding out what i did with it.