Train Coaster

Date: 1/24/2017

By HehePuns

My family and I, without my brother, walked into the cafeteria of one of my friend's schoosl-Harrison's. He was sort of a dick, but was being a bit nice and we sat together at the table. All of the sudden the room changes and a table behind with one of my classmates named Warner begins to be rude.Then I am walking through a gift shop or something with them and walk pass a guy who begins to taunt me. All of a sudden we get on a train. I hear someone saying I must be very festive while The Poler express music plays. We soon get outside and onto a tracj and im right in the front, but then i see green tracks going up ahead and realized it's a roller coaster! There were now two trains on each separate track that seemed a bit out of control. Although, it's dangerous as fuck and we discuss about the two trains that could collide if they don't get on separate tracks. All of a sudden we fall, and there's an oblivion underneath and I grab onto a towel and swing over to help a star friend that appears right there from Super Mario and I said I'll save you, but I fall. I then immediately woke up.