The Most Beautiful Dream

Date: 3/5/2019

By JamieKingofDreams

I. Had. The most beautiful dream. I was a star. I was playing at a really big festival. It was a night time shower in an arena. Super young energetic crowd. This was the following I had been wanting my entire life. My dream is all about the moments leading up to me going on stage. I was the first opener in a concise line up of openers for a really big name artist (think Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar). I was full of nerves. Some things were going right. Some things were going left. The people closest to me who had helped me on my artistic journey were reminding me to breathe. They were affirming me. Saying I was going to do great. No shade no tea but they reminded me that of all the opening acts I had the most to give. Had worked super hard and had all of the talent to back me up. This was my do or die moment. Last minute I forgot something before I hit the stage. And my boyfriend in his big ole beaming smile ran up just in time to give it to me. “Break a leg.” A swift nod. This was the moment. My outfit was black, slightly revealing but sturdy enough to dance in. I am no longer me but am watching me as I hit the stage. Blinding stadium lights of white and blue back light me. I have a silhouette to die for. I see the microphone in hand. The arena is screaming. I breathe in one good breathe. Smile happy as fuck. And let out the first notes knowing that I am about to rock that shit. Take me back to this dream please!!!