Soul Sister with my Grandfather in Heaven?

Date: 5/27/2017

By LionFoot65

I'm with my sister (which I don't have IRL) and my friends mom which I also call Mom lol and I pull this stunt that almost gets me killed because I go on this crazy risky mission and my sister sees me almost die. When I come back she's crying and hugs me because she was so worried about me and I feel how much she loves me and I realize how much I love her too. A few things happen that I vaguely remember and she says she's going die tomorrow with a sad smile after we finished watching this anime at night which seemed interesting to me. What she says confuses me and makes me wonder whether what she said would actually be true and sure enough she is somehow killed peacefully and before her soul leaves her body, I manage to tell her to remember to take her mask off by which I mean her ego. I also seem to zoom out into a 3rd person perspective and see her soul in space and it looks green with bumps on it and it seems like some evil things are trying to get her but I manage to protect her from them through sheer intention. Then she goes to heaven with either my grandfather or this other old guy (but probably my grandfather because he's dead IRL) and she is her higher self there full of love and my grandfather shows her things about heaven while they have a pleasant loving conversation. My grandfather also takes her to hell so that she can overcome her fear of losing her soul. And she's just there in hell laying down and suffering until she is finally able to let go of her suffering. Next Scene: I'm in this car with my friend Samantha who might also my same sister from the above story resurrected? And her eyes and lips 👄 look so beautiful and I look at her lovingly while she talks to me. We then go to this restaurant or something and the walls are white with a little blue and red and for some reason I'm drinking this tea with my dad and Samantha and I really enjoy it and I wake up thinking that it's the best tea ☕️ in the world.