Hebrew School Modelling Shoot

Date: 2/14/2017

By noirQuipster

I was supposed to do a modeling shoot with my hairdresser. I did that, and then she was talking about how she went on a vacation to.a ski lodge, and next time she'd bring three good outfits instead of five okay ones. I met yo with my dad I guess, and he was with Zayda. We had to go to some sort of funeral, which meant going to a synagogue. I felt weird because the dress I was wearing was a forest green, and I had magenta bra and panties on. Underneath. The slip underneath the dress kept riding up, too, and I felt like everyone could see my ass. We went to the synagogue, and I felt like I had been there before. It looked really familiar. Dad kept trying to drop me and Zoë off at Hebrew school so we could learn Hebrew, but the room was hard to find. We went down this staircase, and my skirt kept riding up. I thought all he people. Whine me also going to Hebrew school would think I was a slut. The basement area was filled with different classrooms for learning different languages. The rabbi told us that Hebrew was, for some reason, in the hall with European languages. Dad kept trying to tell us it was near the hall for Asian languages, specifically close to the room for Thai and Chinese. He refused to listen otherwise. There were people swarming everywhere, and I felt overwhelmed. My alarm went off.