Boarding school/ American Football

Date: 5/15/2017

By SaintDreamer

I was a student at this American boarding school. It looked no different than my school but maybe that's because I was incapable of imagining another school. I barely remember what happened in the dorms but one think I remember is that Karima was there. Now, she didn't look like her, she looked like a different girl; her skin was whiter and she was cuter. But I think that she was Karima spiritually. And she was naked. She had lovely perky tits that she was insecure about. I'd tell her they're delicious and she should be proud of them. We had to catch the school American Football and she went there naked. I arrived at the AF field and by someone's orders, could be mine, I joined the AF game. I remember the many formations they played and I remember how hard I was trying to act like I know what's going on. Thing is about dreams, when you don't know something well, you're brain fills in the blanks, and it can do a really bad job at it sometimes. This AF match looked exactly like baseball. There was a catcher in the middle of the field, there weren't even any AF goal posts. Something else to keep in mind is how determined and focused the guys were. There were the kind of students who were practicing to go pro. This was break time or PE as much it was a class to them. And I'm the little shit who's going to ruin things for them today. The last play we did involved me finally catching the ball. They yelled out "Three-man formation" or something like that. I don't know why, but I decided to be the third man, simply because I wanted to be part of something. So I ran up to the line and waited for a signal. I walked along with them confused. They turned around and were surprised to find me standing with them. I immediately understood that I was supposed run into the heart and receive the ball. So I ran as fast as I can and miraculously caught the ball. Now it's time to shoot, and there's the catcher 20 feet away. My dumbass threw it to his feet think that if it hit the base he stood over, I'd win. Again, confused the game with baseball. The whole school went silent and they kind of just stared at me. I busted my ass laughing. I couldn't stop, I was hysterical. This was the funniest thing that I've ever done. A crowd of students that looked like Yeasayer started laughing too but the everyone else was still staring at me.