college art project

Date: 7/9/2017

By Klanker

I'm back at college. I'm getting moved out of my control by a large group of students. at least 30. The rest of the school is indifferent. Police and Staff ignore my problem when brought up to them. the students are being orchestrated by one student who says I'm the subject of his new "Art Project" getting dropped off by my parents they separate us and take them and their car. I get the police but nothing is done. in a Dorm room I find out I am the subject and the guy has a large following. Half the school it feels like. Later I'm in a classroom pleading to a teacher, doesn't belieeve me because I'm not being serious because I have fake brown and blue bruises painted omy forearms actively by my head tormentor. Later I'm dreaming in my dream of being moved out of my control again by waves of larger and larger groups. the dream cycled from the start and this time I decide to fight back in the dream. I wake up in my dream next to someone in a bed. I know itrs my tormentor and they are bundled hogging 80 percent of the blanket. High off fighting back in my dream and seeing no one else around I assert myself for the blanket. he reacts before I pull the covers off some sort of mask is on as he mocks me. this shocks me and I wake up from my crazy dream.