The Boy Cinderella and the Ghost Captain

Date: 4/10/2017

By MysterSky8

This young male lived in a household were he was severely mistreated. He would have to do things like stand in front of the sun for his sister so that she wouldn't get sunburned, and his other siblings was also abusive. The family pet died and everyone was wondering what happened. I think someone killed him because it smelled really gross. It was really gross smelling, like rot or something. One day something strange occurred in the boy's family home, and as a result his family was killed by something supernatural. I remember the older sister running from a pair of scissors and went to the this wall that could open up, like a passageway. I remember something magical happens behind the wall. I never saw it but I knew it. She stopped for a second and the scissors impaled her in the skull. The kid's whole family was being murdered. The mother thought it was the boy's fault, so she tried to harm him. I remember by the big fire place there was the dog that passed away whose spirit stopped the mom, then I guess what was supposed to be family ghost stepped in too. I remember there was a female ghost that stood out, dark skin curly long hair. She was saying to go. At that point people came in to investigate the house. I guess the kid had a long braid of hair, and so did his brother cuz they couldn't decide who's braid was on the floor. They didn't notice the young male boy and I guess he got possessed by something at that point. He helped carry some stuff outside. It was something like a chain, a sword, and someone with blonde hair was originally carrying it but the kid was like, "let me help," cuz the blonde guy was carrying something heavy and it had a circular base. At some later point this possessed kid goes up this golden staired water fountain looking thing. It had these golden orb type things that ran up the rings. He was having tons of fun, and talked about his past like or something. He even accidentally fell from the fountain but didn't die. Dream does a time skip and he's like a pirate or something. He has people lining up for interviews and even though the kid was possessed he was like out of body and could interact with the one possessing him. Possessed kid was talking to this one burly guy like mid length of the steps, and he asked where he was from. Started with a B, and it is a place people had thought magical, had treasure, or something of that nature. The possessed kid seemed to be fond of it, cuz he yelled and told people around him about it. The kid influences the possessor by saying something about the situation, like, "you should compliment him!" Or something. Seems really happy. Later we go up to the top and there is a performance going on for the captain-possessed kid. There are strings and cups everywhere. And lights and water. They put on a circus like performance where these big puppets are throwing cups at each other and it's funny. The kid is so awed at it while I think the captain is talking to somebody. There is even a point where water sprinkles down and I felt it. Kinda like shower water coming down, it was so fun and the kid was running through it having a blast and laughing. The captain sees this and even helps put up stuff from the performance. The possessor even feels like, "is this why I am experiencing again to have fun?" Type of feeling. He even helps out this elder woman who is carrying big cables. I remember the captain asking the kid when he was alright with him using the body for sex, and he was all like, "wait until it matures more!" It was funny and cute. I think all that was like a prequel, cuz I also dreamed of the kid right before the other dream where he was living in I think a halfway house. He lived with these guys and a couple of girls. Something was said about him being gay, idk. I wouldn't mind it though. But I specifically remember he got passed briefly and was playing with moving a door without touching it. Even purposefully letting others see it so that they would freak out. Someone was drawing tarot to ask him about who he was. There were a couple wrong cards before they got it. Something about anger. I think one of the wrong ones was like love and something. The tarot cards actually said what they meant lol. It took like 3 or 4 tries before they got it. There was a star in a circle I think it was green on the kids forehead while possessed. I funnily remember this girl see it and say. "Ah, the try and quit again symbol," lol!