school trip

Date: 8/21/2019

By sadiesanville

we crashed our car so we got a new one that’s the same with tan leather seats. when i was filling the tank, all of the sudden paint came out which means it wrecked our car so we had to leave it and hunter brought us to the school. it was julia dobosz’s 18th bday and we were all getting into the bus for the new york trip. i sat next to claire who was telling about liking nature. all of the sudden i realized that i didn’t think i put my bag on the bus. i went to ms palmers room and asked her if a girl parent could meet us at a rest stop and she said sure and than started talking about work and i said i wanted to work with the town. she made a call and said they would get me a job and the entire day they would hold all calls to interview me. mr TEXTED ME over insta to tell me he quit teaching