Last night

Date: 5/20/2017

By lovelysmiles16

The night before I went on twitter and asked anonymous questions to an old dance teammate. The questions were not really mean but I was just bored and she kept insisting for questions. I say I wasn't being mean because I wasn't trying to intentionally offend her but I was asking her about old rumors. I never really had a friendship with her but I did hear a lot about her. I guess I was annoyed because she obviously wanted attention through the app. So my actual dream was that she found out it was me and I was denying it. We were in school and I tried running away and I even swallowed a paper. I guess the paper had the evidence. So maybe I should not be asking questions. In the dream she was suspicious about me because of one specific question I asked, which I was one of the few people who knew (in the dream). In real life there's no way she knows is me.