Shooter in Grocery Store

Date: 1/23/2019

By smparsons111

I dreamed I was in some grocery store. I heard a strange lady yelling really loudly in anger, and then threatening to kill someone. The people around me started getting scared including me. The lady comes over to us and threatens that if we don't run away, she would stab us to death. So we definitely ran away as fast as we could. In another part of the dream, I remember a CEO walking up a staircase to a group of kids, trying to console them since they were all really scared. At this point, the lady was caught, but people were still trying to recover. The CEO was trying to turn this into a teachable moment so that the kids would know better about how to react in a dangerous situation like this. One of the kids though was a little messed up in the head and wanted to be a shooter just like the lady. He took out a rifle, and all of the kids started to run away. For some reason I came running up to the kid trying to fight the rifle out of his hands.