Field trip+Old video on youtube

Date: 7/12/2017

By MarlenePsychom

It was the first day of school and I didn't eat breakfast.I went to home room and it was a science class.The teacher was really mean.I was siting next to my friend and another girl.My friend gave me a lollipop and I almost got caught.The girl next to me,though,got in trouble for eating hot cheetos.Then a girl named Roxi came in laughing and the teacher got pissed.So the next shot was me in a line with a lot of girls going to a bus i think.I looked at my mom in a mad way.I don't know why I was mad at her. I asked "where are we going" and someone said "Peter Piper Pizza" and then I started saying how I wished I had my phone with me. Then out of nowhere,my phone appears and I'm looking at my old youtube channel.I found a video of me and my childhood best friend trying to remember the lyrics of "Honey,I'm good" and then at the end of the video we sang it.We were so tiny.Then i saw the comments of that video and there were some popular youtubers who commented things like "Aw so cute" "this is adorable" "Ellen Degeneres needs to see this" stuff like that.I remember one of those youtubers was Brennan Taylor