Killing Dad And Cat (Saif Jamal)

Date: 2/9/2019

By tiakamel

Mom got an identical new cat to replace mine Snoop, she names him Saif-Jamal i hated this name, but everyone else was against my opinion and loved it. So i chose to name him SJ. My dad absolutely hated me, i would hear him talking about his hatred to my mom and sisters. One day i was complaining about how much i missed Snoop, and disliked the name Sail-Jamal, my dad screams at me to shut up already, and stabs a knife into the chair i sat on, aware of the knife, i then slowly back up and let the knife stab me in the back (like suicide). The blood was slowly trickling but continued flowing throughout the whole dream. I screamed and cried and asked why he hated me so much, and he just laughed in my face. Mom was very distracted by the cat, she hadn’t realized i was slowly bleeding out. One day my family were out with the cat and my dad and i alone in the kitchen. I started to pry him with questions frustrated why he had such an open hatred towards me. He pretended he couldn’t hear me, and continued drinking and eating. I got so mad i grabbed cups and stabbed him by hammering them in using other cups (glass that didn’t break, which made me figure it was a dream) he only stood there and let me stab him. He died almost instantly on the kitchen floor, i started crying and hugging him, when my wound started gushing with blood and i slowly died next to him.