Date: 2/24/2019

By krystal_727

I keep having this dream. I'm getting SCUBA certified and to get our certification we have to complete a series of open water dives. In my dream out instructor takes us to this giant water tank to have us dive to the bottom of it to get certified but just before we start he let's us know basically that we won't be coming out of the tank and that we will die in there. We're about to start and there are people with cameras and I keep yelling and screaming that all of the people there are sick and a bunch of other stuff. We start to dive and there are like 3 levels to the tank and I get down to the 2nd level when I realize that I was never even given air and that I'm free diving on a snorkel and I come up. I don't make it to the bottom because I'm never given air and everyone comes up after the dive and a man comes over to us while we're sitting in the water and tells us we still have to pay for the course and he has a knife and starts cutting people's hands and the water gets all bloody. We see a lot of people come by because there's a see through door at the top and we keep telling them to help but they don't