Date: 4/21/2017

By dixsilence

I remember being in my house painting the walls, it was sad because all the shapes and images the wood has was getting covered. After that I was a Eva pilot, we were about to go when Rei went into her Eva it went berserk. We then saw how she knew something was wrong, the Eva was shining on the inside because it was infected by an angel, it even entered to Rei's body. Idk what happened next. Also I was getting off a bus towards my home. Then I was an ex partner of uni, he told me how good and successful he was doing at work and life. Then I told him how garbage I am and how I'm literally doing g nothing and rotting inside. Finally I was making company to my mother and grandma while they were searching a store in the city. I told them if it was ok to bring a car since has been years from last time I had driven a car. I went to my house and picked a car, I was scared because I thought I forgot the rules. Final dream I was chasing a couple on a motorcycle, I don't know if I was the girl or the camera but they where on a rural road at night. I had to stop them but when I looked up to the sky I could saw all the stars. I had to stop, those two went away and I thought I should take some star pictures since the sky was so clean and there was barely any light pollution. I was searching a good spot and then I saw some light behind me, it was a bus. I jumped off the road so they couldn't​ see me but of course they stopped right in front of me and some passengers went out, they lived just were I hid.