Hair salon

Date: 8/13/2019

By Yeraz

I went to a hair salon. I wanted my usual stylist M but she said she didn’t work there anymore so I had to get another girl. First I noticed I had a unibrow. This girl was waxing them but took half of one of them off and I hated it. I had to fill it in myself to make it look better. Then she did my hair which looked ok but not my favorite style. It was shorter and kind of a messy straight look. Kind of like short/medium length hair with angled sides; sort of like a bob but not as high in the back. Supposedly I ordered a jacket and it arrived at the salon. I was disappointed because it was the style I ordered but I ordered a light color and this one was was darker. A few ladies said “it looks cozy” and I said it is (it’s that really soft/fluffy/fleecy material in a fleece-ish jacket) but it’s too heavy, it’s too hot; I wanted a Spring jacket. I was inquiring about returning it and trying to contact my usual hairdresser at the end of the dream. I usually dream about hair salons with job changes, whether in my current job or a new job. This one seems a little confusing, not sure what to think. Praying.