The people.

Date: 7/5/2019

By kourt1313

I was at meems with aunt pam, uncle jeff, and amber. We was in the house eating. Amber and i went outside and there was a lot of other people out. There isn't a lot of people that are out where my meem lives. The have like tight faces and if the moved their face it would wrinkle and stay wrinkled. Well they were people that killed people. They had a ton in their pack. We went back in the house before they could come up the steps. We locked the doors and windows. We trapped ourselves in the house. Amber was going on a trip with the school. Uncle jeff went back out to see if the was outside still. He came running back in, so we got our answer. When we was dont eating we shut all the blinds so no one could see in. I checked out the window. They was running out of the one story, two room houses. They was small, but they was all running out of them. So i went behind the L couch and went under so in case they could have gotten in i was under there sleeping.