TW- Mall Rape- 22/07/17

Date: 7/22/2017

By jp01

I was in a really large shopping center in an unknown town, I was walking through a store when I saw a group of boys a grade above me come around the corner and spot me, a sense of dread came through me and I started to back away, they all laughed at me and one came up to me and squished my cheeks while saying pretty bad things, I pushed him away and started walking towards the exit when I got yanked back and fell over, one of them got on top of me. I tried to punch him but all of my punches were weak and he laughed at me for being so helpless, he started lifting up my skirt and making fun of me more before getting up off me saying I had a '5 second head start', so I got up and ran away, I could hear them behind me. I hid in a part of the shopping center I knew they wouldn't look. I ended up in a hotel room with a mutual friend of mine, we were talking, laying on separate beds, she was on her phone and randomly started laughing really loud before getting up and opening the door, the four boys came in laughing and she was gone. I got up and ran from the bathroom before loosing all my breath, like I was winded and I was on the bed surrounded by all of them and then yeah... They started to rape me and I woke up... It was terrifying..