The Quest for the Holy Grail

Date: 8/26/2017

By toxxicduck

I was on an epic expedition with a large group of people in search of ancient civilizations on a remote island in order to uncover what our expedition leader called "the holy grail" some kind if ancient thing or dead person that is super important to the Catholic religion. In my mind I was also calling it a "missing link", but to what link, I do not know? My job was to man the radio. I had this thing that looked like a wand with a bubble blower circle on top, and it was wired into a small electronical box. When I held the circle to my ear, I could hear Morse code. Irl, I am not very good at Morse code, but in the dream I was deciphering messages. Our expedition leader was someone very familiar to me, but I can't remember who it was exactly, or if I even knew him in real life. He and his wife led us first by boat along a cliffy sea edge. The rest of the crew was just random boring NPC-esque people doing stuff like manning the boat rigging. This is when I first heard a Morse code message on the radio. It said "we would like to meet with you." I relayed the message to Mr. Bossman and he said we desperately needed to find who sent it. I kept the radio on me at all times, until a girl, someone I knew from high school named Angela, took it from me. She wanted to be the one who deciphered the Morse code because she was jealous of how important my job was. I just let her take it from me, I was mad, but there was a sense that she was my superior and I couldn't argue with her. Our expedition landed on the island and made its way inland. It was jungle. We made a camp that looked like a small village all together, some small wooden houses and a bunch of white tents. I saw Angela get frustrated with the radio and set it down angrily on a table in our "mess tent". I snatched it and eagerly listened for messages. I began to plainly hear someone speaking, instead of Morse code. At first I heard the babbling of a baby, then a woman cooing at it. I said "hello?" And the woman started talking to me, surprised, and it was like we were talking on the phone. She said she would really love to meet us and have us over for dinner, so we can meet her husband. Bossman was busy talking to other crew, so it took an annoying effort to replay the message, as I kept having to wait patiently for their conversations to be over. Once I eventually got to him, he said it was imperative that we go and meet with this family, as it was extremely important to finding the Holy Grail. He led us back to the ocean and back onto the boat where we sailed around searching for the source of the signal. I kept talking to the woman on the radio, but where she was never became known. Finding them felt really urgent, like if we couldn't, the world would end or something, it was THAT important.