Disgusting Bathrooms and Halloween

Date: 7/22/2017

By toxxicduck

I was at WinCo and I really had to use the bathroom. They added this huge area to the front that was just bathrooms. A maze of hallways and doors that led into bathrooms. Like a maze of porta potties. The hallways were completely crowded with people, and the whole place was disgusting and in disrepair. There wasn't much light either. It was like the inside of a barn at a carnival, dark and full of dirty stalls and crowded with people. Some of the doors to the bathrooms wouldn't close and all of them were filthy: toilets clogged up and splattered, it was nasty! It seemed to be only men using the bathrooms, all the women around were standing around talking about how disgusting everything was. I was desperate for a bathroom, but not that desperate. I decided I'd rather find a place outside to go in the bushes than get some kind of disease, so that's what I did. I found a spot next to the restrooms that looked even more like an animal corral. I went into it and closed the gate, thinking no one would see me if the gate was closed (though it was just a wooden fence that was only like waist high). As I was going, a man appeared to come get me for something. He didn't seem to notice I was going to the bathroom, and I didn't care about him seeing me either. I don't know what the thing he wanted me was for, but it felt urgent and I felt rushed to go join him for it. Next, I was in what looked like a diner. I was with a couple people and we were just standing around the place, talking it seemed like. I don't remember who most of the people were, but one girl was my friend Grayson who I knew I college. I still needed to go to the bathroom, but the womens was occupied by Grayson. She was talking to us through the door. Above the restroom doors was a man and woman sign, but they had extra symbols on it. They were red symbols that looked like they were clumsily painted on. I knew they had something to do with a lady's period, but I don't remember what. Then, I was back home in my current apartment, in my bedroom. I looked out my window and saw a swarm of children and teenagers in Halloween costumes and holding trick-or-treat baskets walking through the parking lot and street. It was bright and sunny out. I knew they were headed to school and that it was the day after Halloween (even though it is July 22). I saw a kid in a costume that was a firebender from Avatar: The Last Airbender, but it didn't quite match what they really look like. There were also some skeletons I remember, but not much of anything else. It made me feel bad that i didn't plan a Halloween costume and I wished I could go out and enjoy Halloween with them. A school bus drove through the parking lot, and from it I could hear a kid squealing and complaining. I think it must have been from real life out my open window, because it was REALLY sharp and audible sounding, compared to everything else. Oddly enough, when I woke up for the day, I didn't have to go to the bathroom.