Date: 3/24/2017

By ksaspo

The most vivid one was the one with my dad, and we were in a mix of this current house and my house growing up. Me and two others (identities unknown, will clarify if I remember them later) were sitting around a table and my dad was there but it was very tense like, he was keeping all of us there. There was no visible threat and he was being very cheery which was creepy and made it more tense. At one point we staged a coo and we flipped the table and ran. I ran outside but I couldn't run away, but I had a gun so I was shooting him but he was just laughing. He was wearing a white t-shirt and I could see the bullet holes but no blood. Eventually he dragged me and one of the other "captives" (who maybe was my cousin Lauren?) upstairs into my old room which was decorated with children's toys and he was like "no you like this, you're not leaving".