Date: 8/7/2019

By jakethedog122

When it starts off im at a resteraunt with my mom,sister, and brother. My mon orders ground beef with beans in it. I order the same thing. Once im finished i find a yellow collored orange slice in my food. I ask my mom what it was and she said cotton thats on the orange that will go away soon. I said "ok". Then my mom gets up to go to the bathroom. Then my brother and sister follow. Im just waiting at the table. Its been a while and my mom still isnt back. The resteraunt is getting ready to close. I go outside and look for her. Then i start walking down the rode. After like 15 minutes of walking she pulls up next to me with my brother and sister in the car. When i get in im yelling at her for forgeting me. Then she gets mad and kicks me, my brother, and sister out of the car. Were walking down the street then we find a house. We not on the door andbgo inside when the people let us in. The man is still sleeping and the woman lets us in. We tell her what happend and she offers to let us stay. So i go into th living room that looks just like my mom living room. Josh comes in to. The man wakes up and sits next to us. Josh says "Hi daddy". The man says im not your dad, but i know this place reminds you of home. After that both of our dogs are there. Then the people both leave. I dont really remember what happens after that but i remember seeing a purple worm looking thing laying on the ground. The house looks like an office now. The parasite gets in my dog. In the dream i remembered dealing with something like this. I start crying and choking my dog. I said "the only way to kill it is to kill the dog". Im now screaming and crying. Then we walk out the house and then the set it on fire. After that josh run back in. Im still crying. Then he comes out with our other dog in is hand. I walk away trying to call my mom on the phone. She doesnt answer. Then the other dog that had the parasite in it walks out of the house. My brother and sister was petting her but i thought the parasite was still in her, so i stayed away. After that our mom pulls up and we get in. Then she says "What are you going to tell them about there house". After she says that the people show up and say what happend to our house. We tell them and they say they understand. After that i wake up to my mom turning on the light and that were it ends.