When I Dream Up Someone Unavailable I Go All Out

Date: 1/16/2017

By Fitful

I was forced to move out of my apartment by the company into an identical apartment, slightly different configuration, in a building nearby just a few blocks away. I did so reluctantly because it didn't make any sense. I ended up with a roommate, she was blind and British, and sometimes she was a neighbor. Her name was Vic. And while she was blind often the dream forgot that, I had to remind it, and it didn't really do a good job adjusting. Example would be she be telling a story of being on a corner in NYC giving directions to a person which she could only give if she could see. Her excuse when I pointed to the dream she was supposed to be blind, oh she remembered someone giving directions to someone just there. Now that might have been true but I think it was just a dream thing, to create a thing and then forget. Now I felt both interested in her company and also very upset to have my privacy taken away. I didn't have the apartment to myself anymore. It was very upsetting. Early into the new apartment she and a guy from the building were over watching a movie or hanging out. He was hitting on me and I ended up saying I was a lesbian, he in turn kept trying to dig his foot into my coochie until I made a huge fuss and he stopped. Vic was asleep during that scene tho, I think she fell asleep during the movie, which is why I felt safe saying I was a lesbian. I don't know why but for some reason I didn't want to tell her. But she and I did hit it off, she was very good at talking, very intelligent, I more than had a crush on her to be honest, and it was a nice introduction to a person. Just nice to meet someone interesting and awesome. She and I would text, how she could text being blind Idk, and she would write these elaborate wordy intellectual texts, with a lot of sass like she was the one from NYC. I mainly stayed home and unpacked and did laundry and got used to the move. Just when I was used to it, happy even, the company moved me again. This time it was just upstairs to another apartment in the same building. However I had roommates plural this time. They were guys. They were at least geeky guys. They were about to watch a series I did enjoy, it was a huge thing in their apartment to watch this show. I went and took a shower, and left my pajamas in the bathroom to wear later that night. This guy found them, asked all the roommates about them and deciding they must be mine brought them to me. I did say they were my special pajama pants to watch geeky shows in, he made me try them on over my current pajama pants. These were fuzzy, black and night sky, cutesy planets and stars pajama pants. I did oblige in trying them on. I feel asleep and woke to a text from Vic urging me to call her. She had been walking home and some guy was being creepy and she wanted me on the phone with her. It was morning now and I was worried for a second. My heart jumped to my throat and I called her immediately. She answered immediately and nothing was wrong she went off in a tangent, wordy and intellectually awesome, but still acting as if everything was normal. I in turn did the same but she wanted to get together and I blew her off. Which I continued to do the rest of the dream, I don't know why, because I actually really liked her and missed her company.