The Dangers Of Moving

Date: 2/18/2017

By johna808

I was in a moving truck with my late wife, it was a moving van. We had gone to a house to pack it up to move. When we got there I realized it wasn't our house but the home of a relative, one of my relatives. While we were packing things up someone from across the street came in began harassing us. His tone and everything about the way he presented himself led us to believe he was a criminal. We began to feel uneasy about him being there and hurriedly returned to packing even though it was his intention to stop us. Then he left to bring back someone he said was his boss and the boss was an even bigger crime figure, even more powerful but still unable to threaten us into inaction. We managed to get out, got the truck on the road and was speeding away to avoid him is catching up with us. We were speeding along weaving in and out of traffic when we passed another truck and got into another lane. Then someone stepped in front of the other truck to slow it down almost to stop and the same figure stepped in front of us to slow us down. (Somehow it seemed like me.) During all of this was the feeling of yet a third person just outside my field of view also witnessing the dream. Then woke me up. I woke up feeling as though I had victoriously made it through some perilous circumstance and while nearly still sleep I started laughing. I wake up laughing sometimes.