Sharks in the water?

Date: 8/8/2017

By feli

Regretting that I didn't write this one down right away, I've lost most of it. I do remember wanting to go out for a swim in the ocean, but looking out and seeing dozens of large shark fins. I screamed and pointed out to them, only to realize it was actually a fleet of small military submarines filled with young men. I wanted one of the men, or some of them. I was longing for him/them to come up.. a few did, but it wasn't the man I knew or was expecting. I felt disappointed and gave up. I try again to go out for a swim, now that the threat is gone. I put on a wetsuit, and I felt confident that I could be in the water comfortably if I wasn't cold. A mother and her daughter were present and also attempting to go for a swim. I still couldn't shake the threat that there were sharks in the water.. it felt like night time, and the water was dark. I refused to go out as far as the girl and her mother... I thought they were doomed. I also selfishly thought that I could jump in more shallow water and be safe, because the sharks would get them first if there were any. I pathetically splashed in the water.. the same way I usually do. It was so shallow the ground was just beneath me, I didn't really get to swim at all.