Farty Party, Discrete Foreplay, What Day is It?

Date: 5/27/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was at a school, maybe a college, and there was a Halloween costume and talent contest. The point was to have a group of people all dress up as the same thing and perform something. My group was huge and we were all dressed up as farts. Our costumes were mostly green and brown tulle with similar makeup. I was a bit worried because I realized a guy I had a crush on was in the audience. He was the type of guy you try too hard to impress because you're young and haven't found the right guy yet. I thought I may have seen him dressed up as a medieval archer, standing out because he was tall. My friend Audrey was way too excited to be a fart, and kept singing parts of the song we were going to perform and making fart sounds. I was having stage fright and was worried about forgetting our song and dance, which felt kind of ridiculous. We called ourselves the Farty Party. I looked in a mirror and thought my makeup looked pretty. At least I was a pretty fart. When we went out and performed, I was trying my best to be cool and own it and was maybe over-performing. People were leaving though because it was time for everyone to go. Afterwards Audrey realized we'd forgotten to do part of the performance and was wanting to go back out there. I was trying to talk her out of it. 2: I was in a room with a bunch of people close in age, we were all kind of young. I was messing around discretely with this really muscular guy and getting heavily hot and bothered by it, which is weird because I don't like really muscular guys irl. He was behind me and pressing into me and I could tell he was hard and it was giving me a fever and making me uncomfortably wet in front of all of these people. I don't think they knew what was going on, but I was getting worried that I was too distracted to notice if they were noticing. I really wanted to go somewhere with him, so I led him into an empty office and was trying to convince him we were safe. I don't remember if we had sex or not. 3: I had just gotten off a plane and was jet lagged with a group of people. We were all young except the boss or group leader who was maybe a bit older than us. We were sitting at a table resting, and he gave me some kind of desert with my name on it. I wondered if he liked me or if I was getting recognized for some type of accomplishment. It made me a bit uncomfortable either way, but I was also curious as to why. I thanked him for it and waited for an explanation. After a while of me acting clearly confused, everyone started saying Happy Birthday. I was embarrassed for the boss guy then because my birthday was like two months away. I said "Well, you're a bit early for that, but thanks!" They kept trying to convince me it was my birthday though until I realized they were right. I felt like I was maybe going crazy for thinking it was August, but like maybe it was sadly not beyond my real life premature senility that I have sometimes.