Dogs, Dudes, and Kangaroos

Date: 8/15/2017

By SHeesch26

Sam Schw, Eric H, Chase R, and I are hanging out in the living room at my parents house and we have two labs, one yellow and one black, with us while we're shooting the shit and watching TV. I get up to look out the window and I see two kangaroos by the grain bins so I go out there to deal with them. As I go out there, I'm very wary of how aggressive they may be. Suddenly, the two labs run over from the house and they've got a leash connecting to one another. One of the kangaroos grabs one of the dogs by the throat and I'm instantly infuriated. I think I kick/hit/smack the kangaroo into letting the dog go (or at least I hope I did) and I figured out a way to tie up the kangaroos (they were suddenly wearing collars so I clipped them to the same leash and wrapped it around a pole). As I turned back to the house to get a shotgun, a winged lion walks out from near our shop and at this point I'm in full Fight Mode. My dad is outside the house chit chatting with another middle aged man (surprise, surprise) when I frantically ask where the shotgun shells are. He gives me a vague answer on how they're probably in the bedroom. Short timed and short on patience I search high and low to no avail in finding the shells. After searching for awhile, I wake up and the dream ends.