Date: 5/23/2019

By ZoeMiller

The dream starts and I'm with my husband, and for some reason we are reading this book and in order to summon a specific demon you have to recreate sexual positions WEIRD (I didn't have sex just for clarification, just got in the poses) but anyway, each position has a little riddle about this spirits power and on the last position it talks about money, just as we read the description money drops into our laps, so we start freaking out. Next thing, when the ghost actually comes everything is fine at first, but it gets really bad and my husband starts to get abusive, one night he calls me crying and says 'honey, go look at the paints I wanted to get in the living room' and when I go out there I see the ghost and the paints and sprint outside, somehow when the ghost followed me it morphed into my husband (saw them morph, wasn't my husband) and the last thing I remember in the dream was me getting violently grabbed by my ankle and pulled down the stairs. Then I woke up.