jail and palm reading

Date: 1/20/2017

By kidden

I was at my grandmas and I saw dalton driving around with his cousin which was making me nervous cuz I knew they were doing something shady next thing I saw a police car come and arrest dalton and I started freaking out and chasing him.dalton was saying not to go after him that he'd be out in a few days but I knew that dalton doesn't know anybody's numbers by heart so I kept calling the jail to check on him. Then I was at this place with a giant tank and I fell in on accident and felt something tugging at me and it was a shark I started screaming for dalton but I knew he wasn't coming because he was in jail so I punched the shark a few times until I escaped and this old man found me and said that hearing me call for my boyfriend broke his heart so he started cleaning my wounds and taking care of me. Then I guess dalton was finally out but we went to get our palms read and I was just curious dalton got up to go to the bathroom and dana walked in (my kind of ex) and sat where dalton was and was trying to cuddle up to me and all but I was telling him dalton wouldn't be happy.