Date: 8/16/2017

By jackisback1121

So I've had this dream before sometime and in the dream there is a couple of people trying to kill me and for some reason since I've had this dream before I know everything that is going to happen. The dream started by me getting a new car but there is something different about this car, it has a bomb in it. The bomb is triggered by me putting the car in park. For some reason in the dream I got in the car and started it even with the past knowledge of the bomb being in there. So I call someone and tell them to defuse the bomb and they do. Then I brought the guy that put the bomb in the car to justice by getting him arrested. The second part is a woman that is trying to kill me but the odd thing is that I'm friends with this person. I don't know who they are I just know that I am friends with them. So anyway in the original dream this is the person that kills me. We are in a shop and at some point I drift off from the crowd and she chokes me to death and that's where that dream ended. Since I knew she was plotting to kill me I went up behind her and punched her in the back of the head to try to knock her out, but that didn't work and everyone thought I was crazy but eventually I explained to everyone she was in on trying to kill me and they believed me.