My first erotic dream

Date: 3/13/2017

By Molly15

So I'm sat at school in the usual spot waiting for my freinds when suddenly my freind. Let's call him Brian walks up and sits next to me he normally sits opposit me but today there was something diffrent about him he looked at me and stroked my face "what are you doing I ask" he looks at me and bites his lip whilst looking into my eyes his grey eyes looked beautiful suddenly our lips and all the feelings of the past three years come out. Then I'm on the floor he's on top of me. A full makeout session he kisses me again his tounge twists around mine I feel my panties getting wet his knee is rubbing my clit "finger me brian"I whimper with longing passion "anything for you" he whispers and he unbuttons my blouse and slowly kisses my lips then my neck down my cleavage all the way to my skirt band he opens my legs and sees my soaking panties he kisses my thigh almost nibbling at my knee socks I moan softly he then takes my panties of as he dose a line if pussy juice follows it "oooh you are wet aren't you" he whispers as he slowly rubs his fingers down my lips I quiver he's cold fingers felt so nice on my hot pussy he then opens them and my clit is on full show he gets his tounge and licks light but fast over the very tip of my clit I moan so loud luckily the teachers weren't in the building today then with his free hand he slowly puts a finger in my pussy. It feels so good he puts another finger in and I suddenly dont even know what colour is anymore the world is a blur and its just me and him the feel of his tounge flicking my clit makes me want to explode the touch of his fingers pounding my gspot suddenly he pulls out and i squirt everywhere screaming in pleasure and shaking then he takes his pants of and sits opposite me I know he's gonna do he takes out his long hard cock and rubs my pussy juice on it and he starts to rub I spread my legs wide open and take out the electric toothbrush I keep in my school bag for emergencies I shove it In my pussy and crawl over and lean my ass over his face as I suck his cock he pushes the toothbrush futher in and sucks my clit as he puts two fingers in my ass I moan into his cock as his hot cum squirts down my throat and then I woke up