Weird one

Date: 4/23/2017

By The_HCR

So,the first part was i'm with my one of my twin sisters riding a motorcycle to school. Unfortunately,we got lost and all i can remember is that i showed her directions and we managed to find it. But,as we get there my sister suddenly stopped,she get out of the bike and dissapeard. And here comes the weird part. The ghost of my teachers are suddenly there cheering me if i can ride a motorcycle and it was a miracle,i was doing it and managed to ride it to the parking lot of the school also i pushed a car that has nonexistent mass. The second part,i was in a classroom with my friends waiting for the bell to go home. One of my friends has a computer and play it for few minutes(?),then they got bored. Since there's no teacher,usually in my school if the teacher is sick,we didn't study at all but sometimes we will get a task from the teacher that is sick then pass to the other teachers to spread the message. When they got bored,i decided to go back to my desk and browse Adventure Time pictures. It's almost time to go home,so why not i poke my friends computer for a little bit,they want to go home too so i helped them turn it off and leave it to his bigger brother to play it. When i go back to my desk another friend of mine brought a computer too. (And that's i can remember so far).