Sleeping in Salsa?, Jeff Thinks He's 13

Date: 6/24/2017

By seascarlet

1: This one was pretty bizarre. I was in a room resembling my parents' carpeted guest bedroom in the basement. The room was empty and the floor was flooded wall to wall with salsa, deep enough to submerge me when I was laying in it, except my head which I guess was on a pillow. I was using the salsa like a blanket. It was keeping me warm while I slept and I liked being under it. Someone bothered me and I had to sit up, which made me mad because I wanted to stay nice and warm sleeping in the salsa. One of the weirdest dreams I've had in a while. 2: I was on a couch with Jeff watching a Batman movie, laying down with him behind me. There was a woman next to us who was thin and maybe in her early 50s. She kept cracking raw eggs into a salad and eating it, and bragging about how "This is how a young woman eats. I can still eat like a young woman." I told her actually she shouldn't eat raw eggs like that probably, because she might get Salmonella. She ignored me. Then Jeff was pressing into me from behind and it was turning me on. We both started breathing hard and didn't want the weird lady to notice. Then the weird lady was supposed to be his mom. I rolled over and looked at Jeff, and he looked really extra manly for some reason. He started saying that he was 13 years old, and that when he's 15 he has to be Batman. I held his face and was trying to convince him that he's not a child, he's a man, and a good man with lots of man qualities. He kept insisting no, he's only 13, and was really determined to be Batman by the time he's 15.