Bad river money

Date: 8/3/2017

By Jadders

Myself and a group of people were all sat in this room when an older man walked in. His clothes were all ripped and damaged as if he was homeless but worse. He also had charcoal black hands that were slowly crumbling away. He started begging for money, to give to his grand kids before he died. I felt very sorry for him so I gave him rather a lot of money.. What felt like hours later, he had earned a little over £600 from begging. He jumped up from his seat and just before he left he started cheering and being a complete dick. It turned out it was my grandad (He is a c*** in real life, so my dream was spot on). As he was prancing the money around like a twat. I jumped up and snatched it from him in a raging glory. Once I realised he really wasn't happy out this, I ran. I ran into an office room. I was under a lot of stress, so I climbed inside the filing cabinet and hid. I could then hear a couple of people including my grandad, Looking in every room. Eventually they got to the room I was in and started tipping the place up side down. Then knocked the filing cabinet on the floor, with the draws on the ground so I couldnt get up. As they all left the room one whispered to the other she's in here. So they started to flood the room. The room filled up first before in got into the cabinet. While I waited to die I looked and the money I had taken. There was a memory card in there. In a raging fit I swallowed the memory card thinking they will never get it back. But the memory card sent me into some sort of a trance. I could see everyone's secrets and fantasys. I could see everything about everything. I then woke up out of the trance in some river, maybe I was taken by a current. As my head surfaced I could see loads of boats around with fishing nets all trying to find me. I found a safe place to climb up but shortly realised it wasn't so I jumped back in but some ring I had on my finger was pulling me down. Someone else pulled me to safety and I was reunited with other people. But all these people (and now myself) were in a line up. The people that were not me were being shot on site. As the guards took a break I took a chance and ran for it, jumping back in the river as it was the only way out. My grand dad grabs me by the throat and locks me in a cage on a boat which takes me to this tiny cap, where I am shoved in, to live and die.