Date: 2/15/2017

By dreamer_00

This dream I had last night was set today. It's my teachers birthday and we'd got her presents, a card, cake etc. She said she wanted a Costa so my friend and I went out of college to the Costa near us. For some reason my broke ass had ten pound so I was gonna pay for it. I remember ordering her a small caramel latte at first but then thinking it wasn't enough so getting her a medium. When I got outside, two quite good looking guys were heading our way and they stopped in front of us. The one with slightly longer hair looked at me with a smile and said that I shouldn't have to pay for my drinks and then gave me a pound. My friend and I were kinda in shock at it all and we ended up going back inside the coffee shop - the two guys were sat outside I kept looking over at them because who could really blame me. My friend was ordering a drink. We were stood in line and the same guy came and joined the line, kinda smiling over at me. Eventually he was beside us and I got this burst of courage when he spoke to us. I told him that he had two options - either take the money back or take my number. He just looked at me before he laughed a little which made me feel so embarrassed. Then he said he didn't want my number and would only be texting someone who was super attractive. Not me. When he walked away, obviously I was upset. Later on, we saw them again an the other friend, he had a stubble and shorter hair, nudged the guy who rejected me. Said guy walked over and apologised for being rude and asked me if I wanted to go out for a coffee with him. I ended up saying yes. Then it was night and I went to this coffee shop with a different friend, she sat a few tables away from me to make sure everything was okay. And I saw his friend was also a few tables away. The guy came and sat with me, I can't really remember what we spoke about until we exchanged numbers and he left. But I could just tell he wasn't interested at all. His friend came over because the guy ended up leaving his coat and stuff. So I smiled at him and gave him the stuff he needed. He ended up standing three and talking to me for a while. I remember the whole thing being really flirty. Anyway, we all ended up walking out together (me, my friend and him) but the guy I went on a date with was like running around the streets like a mad man. His friend told us not to worry and to get home safe. That's wen I woke up.