Weird dream

Date: 3/27/2019

By riahiga

In my house in the day. Heard a sound from my basement, so I stomped my feet very loudly. Heard a yell. I smiled and yelled back. Next thing I know giant old disheveled white man is running up the stairs towards me. I am super scared at first and try and run backwards but I can’t really, like I’m stuck in place or up against a wall(I couldn’t really tell what was happening) Then I realize he is very friendly and that he might have some form of special but can still talk pretty well. I decide to go to help him find his family. My friends all decide to money match in real fighting. The weird thing is that they are all my high school friends who I haven’t seen since I’ve gone to college. My friend Bryan and I run outside with me in his shoulders. We almost hit a tree branch so I pull him and he loses his balance; we both fall. He almost gets impaled. I help him pick his and my stuff up. We run past our other friends Gus and Christian who are in the middle of having a match too. Sorry for the weird dream😂. My thoughts are always jumbled.