tolentine nightmare

Date: 2/17/2017

By cullentaylor12

Movie type feel: I was exploring tolentine on a night where the frats and sororities all had pledge events. This girl was asked to throw a ball at a boys face and she did. Then in "hangman" esque fashion he said now he got to do it to her and he was stronger by far. A man in a black mask stopped the hazing. Later that night I was in the top of the building and I found this kid in the dark. I covered myself and him in vegetable oil and ran down the outside ladder. I went back up the next day and found weak bricks so i broke through and found a row of jail cells with another little boy up there. I ran after him but was struck with immense fear. I went out on the deck but a man followed me and explained that there was great evil up there. He explained that even though there was no drugs in the building, his wife was sure she was on psylocibin and was going crazy killing people. Later Matt asked me to do a mixer with a frat that didn't get a lot of pledges and I agreed. Matt had hostages in this area near tolentine. He was scared because he had to go to tolentine and he thought for sure he would die.