I forgot basically everything

Date: 3/22/2017

By artsyursine

I'm supposed to speak to a bunch of 8th graders today about a specialized health course. I woke up, took my time, bought a coffee, and went to school. As soon as I was out of my car, I realized I wasn't supposed to be at my own school. I was supposed to me at the middle school. As if that couldn't get any worse, I forgot my scrubs (what I wear during labs and dissections and whatever). I panicked. It was 7:30. I was supposed to be at the school at 7:45 for set-up. It took me about seven minutes to drive back home. 7:37. I knew I would be late. I quickly put on my scrubs. 7:38. I ran out the door, started my car, and drove quickly out of my apartment complex. 7:39. I knew I wouldn't make it. It takes ten minutes to get to the middle school. I tried calling (hands free) both teachers. No response from one, but the other picked up. They said, "Alright. We were really counting on you. I can't believe you. You're always on time." I hear an exasperated sigh. I heard myself saying "I'm sorry" over and over again. "Get here as soon as you can." The phone hung up. I let out a shaky breath. "How did I forget?"